two by two by two: dear people who actually think you are part of an LBG ally movement



just because you support equality does not make you a movement

it makes you a member of the privileged group that wants to make actual LBG rights all about you and you really should just stop

also being ally does not excuse you from being homophobic and…

i honestly think you arrived at the opposite conclusion as to what i was trying to achieve and it might be because i’m poor at articulating idk

i’m not trying to tone police the lbg community and tell them what they should think should be part of their movement. like, the opposite actually.

my real issue is with people who self-identify as allies i guess????? i mean shit, it’s up to the lbg community to decide what and who is relevant in their conversations, not straight privileged folk like myself

basically the reason why i side-eye ally week is that privileged folk keep trying to make themselves relevant and recognized within the lbg community as opposed to the folks relevant with lbg rights.

the “if you do make being “an ally” all about yourself, you are a dick. And I agree that it shouldn’t be about being thankful to allies” part is the reason why i find the whole thing off-putting.

why do privileged people need a week of recognition to tell other privileged people that they don’t have to be gay to support equality when they can just do that every damn day of the week at any goddamn time really

i find it problematic and pretty bs when a bunch of these “allies” only seem to come out of hiding when they get to be patted on the back for being minimally decent human beings once a year for a couple days